With our company Bombay Berlin film productions in Mumbai we are interested in developing and producing feature films, documentaries and cross-media entertainment for India and the International market. Further we do line production. 2011 we were the Executive producer of the feature film “Prague” for Glamourstruck Productionn, Rohit Khaitan in Mumbai, New Delhi and Prague in Czech Republic. In 2012 we produced a documentation for Galileo/Pro7 about the Mumbai Slums. 2013 was followed by shooting commercials for Heyitsenrico pallazzo and CP+B Europe.

Feel free to contact Arfi Lamba and Ankur for any projects at :  ks@bombayberlin.com


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My first experimental works from 1988 – 1991 are a kind of research of that time such as Berlin 1989 (Transit) and the answer in Toronto 1990 (hypocrite in toronto). I was “writing” with the camera. After years of developing different film projects and working on the set, I explored the documentary film making. My interests are in fiction and documentary film making, because each genre influences each other.