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Life is a sailing boat

An Indian Baul singer from West-Bengali compared life to the ocean. Sometimes it is calm and your boat is floating peacefully into the sun. But then a storm is coming up and you have to take all the ropes of your boat in one hand, so it won’t sink. Even your mind is a huge ocean, which may go wild into all directions. Also here you may have to take the ropes together, so you don’t go down under.

In 2008 the financial and economic crisis took many boats down under the sea, which will never come up again. This is partly a result of the last 20 years of economic and political policy. It’s a crisis where we didn’t want to see and/or didn’t want to change. Nobody wanted to take the ropes to drive the boats over the ocean, nobody had seriously an interest to take the ropes. Moreover institutions got too big to take decisions.

Furthermore the attacks in Mumbai in December 2008 took us down into a further separation of Christians against Muslims against Hindus against whoever…, which is senseless, because we are human beings, independently of any Gods. As a Baul singer continues to sing, your body is a temple. It is a garden of beautiful flowers. Your heart is pure of gold and more beautiful than any gold in the world. But you can easily get lost in the huge ocean, only looking to the outside things of this world, being distracted by money, career, glamour or whatever this world may offer to you, to make life comfortable. And often we prefer to be blind, because this gives us pleasure and happiness. But does it lead somewhere? I have no answer. Still we could try to be truthful to our hearts, to our friends and family, to people we love.

A miraculous and extraordinary human being and actor got lost in the wide ocean of 2008. But he will stay alive in all his films, in memory of Heath Ledger.

“A good year” - a film by Ridley Scott

We live in a time, where banks get bankrupt, losing milliards of dollars. We life in an economy, where even hedge funds get bankrupt, making thousands of people unemployed, but where the salary of one hedge fund manager may reach 3,7 milliards of dollars a year. Did you know that Ridley Scott made a movie about these kind of guys? “A good year” is forgotten in between all the movies, coming out every year. Russell Crowe plays a bank manager in London, who loves speculating on price changes at the stock exchange. While making a lot of money, he inherits a vineyard with an old castle in the South of France, which he wants to sell as fast as possible. In this most beautiful spot in Europe he meets not only his French enemy, a passionate winegrower, but also his past, discovering, whom he really loved, his dead uncle. Again Russell Crowe proves his fine acting work. He succeeded, playing an asshole in a very entertaining and comic manner, he played it in a way that this asshole becomes even sympathetic. And for sure these kind of guys must be terribly sympathetic, that’s how they succeed in cheating so many people all around the globe, earning billions of dollars.

The film plays with many clichés of French culture, which you may like or not. But France such as Italy, Spain or Berlin became a trademark. That most of this stuff is not true, everybody knows. Everybody knows, that Paris is not the city of love anymore such as Berlin is not so much fun, as its image pretends to be. But still we love these clichés and consequently the character of Russell Crowe falls in love with a beautiful, rebellious French woman, Marion Cotillard. But that’s not the most important point of the story. It’s a story of a successful bank (hedge fund) manager, who gives up his attractive and exciting job to live finally a life truthful to his soul.

By the way the film touches a problem in Southern France, which French friends explained to me. Wealthy English, American, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian… people are buying the grounds in the South of France such as in Italy or elsewhere. Consequently prices are rising and the normal French people can’t afford to buy grounds and apartments to live reasonably with their families. This is globalization, as we know it for long.

But again it’s a great pleasure to watch the fine acting work of Russell Crowe. This actor crosses worlds and centuries of human mankind. Remember the parts he was playing, from the tough cop in “L.A. Confidential” to the insecure and helpless scientist in “The Insider”, the warrior in “Gladiator”, the mathematic genius in “A beautiful mind”, switching into comedy such “A good year”, not mentioning the marvelous film “American Gangster”. Rarely I saw an actor changing characters in such a physical, emotional convincing way in all genres from crime to drama, action, history and comedy. With Russell Crowe we can discover the high art of acting.

As you may see in my Indian and African documentaries, I love music from all around the world. But here you may find a link to the website of “My hand my heart” an interesting rock band and their myspace website: “Russell & the ordinary fear of god”. Listen to their music, enjoy and perhaps you discover, how music can reach your soul.

“Schon wieder so´ne Lust” - “And again about desire”

What for a magnificent evening! When you are sad, go to a show of Gabriela Maria Schmeide. When you are happy and you want to get onto drugs, than go also to her show together with Dietmar Loeffler & Band. When you feel lonely, go to her and you will find support and friends. This singer, actor and performer has the power of the young Nina Hagen, the passion of the Pudhys, the beauty, eroticism and voice of Marlene Dietrich, she is Zarah Leander, Pavarotti and the sex bomb of Tom Jones. Gabriela Maria Schmeide presented a show to a Berlin public, where everybody got down to her knees. She sings the most beautiful songs in Sorbian, Hungarian, Russian, Iselandic, in English anyhow and for sure in German. Her music is going up and down your back, it makes you shiver, even when you don´t want to get touched. But it is not just her singing but also her performance. The stories she is singing for you are romantic, simple, powerful, seductive, aggressive, loving, what ever you want to see you can get in the most authentic way. Nearby she tells you her memories from the Lausitz and Bautzen, jokes from failing angels and poetry about endless desire and pain. Asides she plays the violin, the accordion and some other instruments, I don´t even know the names. This voluptuous, blond woman is a great artist and actress, a star in her thirties, with a lot of humor and irony. The question comes into my mind, why don´t we see her in the great Variety shows such as the “Wintergarten”, “Chamäleon” or “Bar jeder Vernunft”? Why don´t we see her in her own TV-show? Go and search for her!

Men in between dream and reality - 2

continuation of article below

… So how could we explain that some women become very strong? Nothing is given to us and we have to work early as little girls in the households. Our brothers are always better, so we have to study very hard just to get close to their level. Also in business we have to work harder to achieve the same success as men and clever girls learn early that beauty disappears one day. Al Pacino and Robert de Niro can play lovers at the age of 60, while for women it is finished at the age of 30, albeit with exceptions to the rule. Girls/women learn early that beauty is still very important, but it vanishes. Men don’t have these problems. They can even become fathers at the age of 70!

Over the last decades women have grown more mature, while men have relaxed, haven’t noticed what “the competition” was doing. So what are these men doing nowadays? They grumble about women, that they are too demanding and they are absolutely right. Women have gotten too demanding! They want a man, who has a big career, earning lots of money, which means working none stop 7 days a week. But he has to be good looking, too, like in these films, which means 15 hours at the fitness-club, beauty parlor and shopping mall, spending his free time on styling. But that’s not enough. Moreover he has to be sexy and very erotic in bed, so he has to learn all the necessary techniques to make love to a woman. But who can teach men to be extremely good in bed and who teaches women the same? The porno you can watch on TV from the age of 5? The internet? Video cabinets at a sex shop? Who can teach you that sex is not just mechanics and techniques but has something to do with your emotions. But what are emotions when you aren’t allowed to have any emotions growing up with a Prussian style education system, which is still influencing the German world up to 21st century. These emotions include anger, fear of the other sex, vulnerability, desire, laughter, tenderness, empathy… And which nation is known to express few emotions? Germans. So how can you like yourself, love to seduce and have good sex when you aren’t aware of your own emotions, or you aren’t permitted to live them, or it is not seemly to be seen living them?

Both sexes are responsible for the dryness in Germany and to a certain extent in Western Europe. Women have gotten too demanding and arrogant towards men. But they fail in their own way because they only want to see success, money and beauty! Where is the love toward the male species? Who teaches women to love men when our mothers and fathers teach us to hate or refuse men. This is a phenomenon of the 19th century through to the 21st century. But women are sacred, we are holy women, we would never hate men! NO! We are an educated human species, hate and despise don’t exist in our emotional scale. But pretty often it does exist unconsciously making it difficult to discover. But we don’t want to confront this - no – because we are saints. The same with men. How many men hate and despise women, but they would never confront this because they are sacred, too.

We could stop the power struggles as we have done with communists and capitalists who were fighting each other in former times. Couldn’t we try to look at each other as human beings with weaknesses and strengths? Couldn’t we look at each other with lust and desire without being scared, but alive with emotions, focused away from images? When a woman only looks at the beauty, career and perfection of a man and herself, she will miss a lot, just the same as a man, who looks only at the career, beauty and sex of a woman. Images are creating a bit of a problem because they don’t give an opportunity for human beings to grow with their pleasures and emotions.

One could think for men and women in German society, it is time to learn to love oneself and the other sex. We have gotten either too tight or too loose with ourselves and there is not a lot in between. But there could be. We have to learn to take responsibility for the other person, not throw them away when they don’t correspond to our demands and the image. The image misguides – it is the essence which counts. But we have to work on the essence and the soul of ourselves, and nobody wants to do this because we may see the ugly side.

So men could maintain their beauty and also work on themselves. Work on their knowledge, which also means getting their pride back in being a man. Confront their weakness and the world, but not just always with guns, like the Korean amok shooter in Blacksburg. Likewise, women should not just get focused on career, money, kids and perfection. They should not forget their human, feminine and sexy side, which also means their weakness towards men.

Probably there will always be a power struggle between men and women. But a dream could be that there is equality. Equal powers are much more attractive than when one is weaker than the other one. This also means you can be weak one day and strong the next. A man could accept that he is weak one day and strong the next. We are human beings and not Gods, Buddha’s, species from Mars or characters in a movie, who are heroes because of SFX, CGI, make-up, costumes and a crew of at least 100 people! A movie is a movie, an image is an image. We should search for the human being and the other side of our halves, which is a man or a woman.

Meredith Brooks once sang in “Blurring the edges”: “I may be an angel on your knees, innocent and sweet… I understand, why your are so confused, because I am a bitch, I am a lover, a child, a mother, a sinner, a saint, your help and your dream, I am nothing in between, so you may need to be a stronger man.” So where is reality for men and women nowadays? Somewhere in between, a place everybody has to search for and this makes life so beautiful.

Read also in Spiegel-online “Flirten wie in der Steinzeit”,1518,503601,00.html

Men in between dream and reality

* Men are dreaming of this sexy, passionate babe, fulfilling their dreams of the greatest sex in the world. She has to blow their brains, her brain is not so important.

* Women are dreaming of this sexy, passionate man, who is rich and very successful in business. The sex is important, but the career is much more important.

We live in a world, where money, power and sex are the most important aims to achieve, as it has always been in the history of human mankind. Only we have got images, too many images, burned into our brains by mass media, globalization etc. But the instruments to achieve money, power and sex have changed over the centuries.

To become a Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch you need cleverness, education and hard work. But are they sexy? George Clooney and Brad Pitt are definitely sexy, but they also need cleverness, hard work and a certain education, only different from that of a manager. But are they good in bed? Who knows, because we only know the images, which they are playing in their professional and “private” life. What is behind all these images?

When we come to Germany, women like to complain that most men are not very good looking, not sexy or seductive, not strong, no fighters …and French men, or Italian men, or Spanish men are much better. The same could be said about German women. Most are not good looking, not sexy, not seductive, not as good in bed as they claim to be, not as strong as they claim to be, not as successful as they claim to be. But anyhow what are the scales of these subjective judgments?! Hasn’t the scale changed tremendously the last decades?

First of all there are always exceptions to the rule. For sure there are good-looking, seductive men in Germany. There are wealthy and intelligent men in management, science and politics. But are they sexy and good in bed? Some women may know. But again these are images created and controlled by these people. The point is, references have changed so much. In former times a man was a man, when he was great warrior like Russell Crowe in “Gladiator” or Achilles, alias Brad Pitt, in “Troy”. Nowadays a great warrior is the manager of the Gucci-Yves St. Laurent Empire or Bill Gates or David Beckham. So a young man has to cope with these different images and can easily fail, because the images are controlled by these men. The same goes for young women, who can easily fail looking only at the images of Marilyn Monroe, Madonna or Britney Spears.

Still men for centuries could rest just on their status being a man by birth, women never could. Even in modern families, the sons are protected and patronized by their mothers, while the girls have to work in the household. But slowly men are losing their status given by nature. They have to learn to fight again, but this is the problem. How can you fight in the modern world, when you were never taught to fight, when your fathers who could have taught you to fight were absent?

Nowadays many German men have no pride in themselves, no inner strength, no lust to seduce. They don’t flirt in the streets, they don’t take care of themselves or they tend to another extreme where they take care too much of themselves, thinking that beauty and muscles make a man a man. And by the way we can´t explain this phenomenon only with the destruction of the 3rd Reich, this would be too easy.

So how come? There are often spoiling mothers being tough on their daughters but not putting up limits to their sons. The fathers are absent, working, having no real interest in their kids. Or they have left their wife anyhow, leaving a single mother, who often develops anger towards men in general. Consequently a young boy grows up with a mixed relationship towards his own manhood. On one hand he learns a hateful image of his role model, his father but replaces him, becoming the “man in the family” very young. On the other hand, because he is the “head of the family”, he doesn’t need to fight, to learn, to seduce and to confront himself. Their mothers (and not only single mothers) give them everything too easily.

You can make reproaches to both sides. The mothers are abusing their sons because they need a “man in the house”. The fathers are disappearing because it is easier to search for a new woman than to have constant conflicts with their own woman and take responsibility for their lives.

Anyhow we live in an “easy going, cool society“ where you don´t want to fight too much. Please no trouble or conflicts, I am an individual! I insist on my rights! We avoid conflicts and instead we change jobs, friends, lovers, sex toys… I mean it is marvelous. But honestly it leads to nothing more than loneliness, anger, depression and grumbling about the other sex.

… The article is going to be continued in some days.

“Ich bin Wasser, ich bin Luft” - ein HipHop Konzert im Berliner Westhafen

An einem lauen Berliner Sommerabend habe ich eine musikalische Entdeckung gemacht: “Einklang“. Draußen vor einem verlassenen Lagerhaus des Westhafens haben die Sänger Okan und Essa mit ihrer Musik einen grauen Abend in einer der schönsten Abende der letzten Zeit verwandelt. Ihre Art HipHop zu spielen, hat mich daran erinnert, wie ich HipHop 1982 in New York entdeckt habe. Dabei spielen sie mit einer Liebe zum Leben und einer Freude, so wie ich dort ursprünglich HipHop kennen gelernt habe. Sofort geht ihre Musik in Mark und Bein, und die Beine müssen einfach tanzen, wie wir damals in den Straßen von New York getanzt haben. Anders wie auf ihrer CD sind sie diesen Abend mehr in den Soul und R&B gegangen und haben etwas getan, was ich in Deutschland im HipHop noch nicht so oft gehört habe, sie haben Elemente der afrikanischen Musik mit in ihre Melodien eingewoben. Man kennt es von afrikanischen HipHop Gruppen wie M.K.V. Chalilanso oder Runell aus Sambia, die gar nicht erst nach Europa kommen. Aber wenn Saeed, Osman und Cat Man ihre afrikanischen Trommeln und Rasseln schwingen, könnte man ausflippen. Als auch noch Said mit Candy anfing zu singen, traf sich Soul, HipHop mit Afrika in Berlin. Zu diesen groovigen Rhythmen haben Okan und Essa Texte geschrieben, die in ihrer Klarheit einfach Spaß machen und einen schlecht gelaunten Menschen für einen Moment glücklich machen könnten: Ich bin, wer ich bin - lebe, was ich kann - ich liebe das Leben. - Hört mich an, das Leben ist ein Geschenk. - Berlin ist eine schöne Stadt, ich sehne mich nach dir, ohne dich dreht sich meine Welt nicht mehr. - Ich bin nichts ohne dich, du bist Kraft für den Tag, Schlaf für die Nacht, du bist alles was ich habe… “Einklang” ist eine Gruppe von HipHoppern aus Berlin, die die Musik ihrer Väter aus Afrika und der Türkei zu einem neuen Mix vereinen. HipHop trifft Weltmusik wie in Frankreich in den 90´er Jahren, und dabei haben sie ihren eigenen Stil gefunden.

Weitere Konzerte finden am 17.8.07 in der Discothek 90° in Berlin statt, am 31.8.07 im Cascade in Berlin und am 15.9.07 im Dracula, Hamburg.

Gestern habe ich einen Film im Kino gesehen, den ich sehr empfehlen kann “Schwarze Schafe”. Für mich ist er eine Berliner Antwort auf “Flickering Lights” aus Dänemark oder “Death Proof”. Mit Liebe beschreibt der Regisseur Menschen in Berlin, die seit 30 Jahren immer wieder gerne von den Medien beschrieben und karikiert wurden, aber hier zeigt Oliver Rihs eine andere Seite dieser Menschen. Sicher ist der Stil des Films und dessen Komik nicht jedermans Geschmack, aber man sollte es nicht versäumen dieses Werk zu sehen. Meine Freunde und ich konnten nicht aufhören zu lachen. Übrigens der Film wurde ohne Fernsehen und Förderung finanziert, da könnte man Regisseur/Autor und Produzenten unterstützen. Viel Spaß.

Hello world!

Mes chers amis, dear friends, liebe Kollegen und Freunde.
Hi everybody. I may greet you on my first website. Nowadays life is and has always been going into many dimensions. We are talking about karma, rebirthing and second lives such as a cat, a king or a clown. But something I didn´t want to see for a long time was, that life is getting into the Internet. I always loved meeting collegues and friends in Cafés, on shootings or in the street. But nowadays we meet more and more in the net. So I grasp the opportunity to create a place where we can talk, you can watch short movies, going to the old and New Berlin, to India, Africa or the old Toronto. Or you may read unpublished prose and extracts of screenplays, I am writing on and please comment. I would like, that this website becomes a place of discussion, exchanging and not just information.