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On this blog I have written a lot about Indian film business and Bollywood. The new year I would like to start with a young production company: Bombay Berlin film productions. Two years ago Arfi Lamba and myself had the idea to found a film production, based in Mumbai and Berlin. Coming from two different continents, India and Europe, we wanted to bring Indian talent to Europe as well as European talent to India.


Arfi Lamba originally started as an actor in theater in Mumbai to become known through a smaller part in the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. This role opened him the doors to interesting offers in feature films and other film productions. Lately his love romance trailer to promote Berlin was screened before the film  “Don 2″ in India. This wonderful movie with Shah Rukh Khan has his German premiere on the Berlin film festival the 11th of February 2012. Please go and watch the movie in German cinemas, it is one of the biggest blog busters in India and abroad. It will be fun to watch.


Over the first year we mainly developed feature film projects as well as documentaries. Along the year we did a line production for ZDF and co-produced the wonderful and interesting short film of Alessandra Bergero “Emoticons”. Apart from these projects we took care of sales of the feature film documentary “Half a Billion Dreams”, I have written extensively about this wonderful film in the blog below.


Lately Ankur Singh joined Bombay Berlin film productions, he loves film production, coming from 3D production. He supported Bombay Berlin film and its team in the development of the Indian-German co-production of  “Between our Worlds” as well as other feature films. We are looking forward to develop and shoot many more projects in the near future.


Further we would like to announce the market screening of the feature film “Prasad” produced by Ashok Kheny at the 62nd Berlin Film Festival 2012. We take care of the promotion and market release in the cinema of the Martin Gropius Building in Berlin on the 15th of February at 16h30. You are welcome to join us !

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  1. 1 Ankur Singh

    Cheers to BBFP Team \m/

  2. 2 Katharina Suckale

    Happy birthday Ankur !! I wish you all the best and wonderful movies and productions coming up for the new year. All the best from BBFP !

  3. 3 Arfi

    :-) :-)

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