Rarely I saw such a memorable film I can’t forget, “Okja”. How often did I think that I am not interested in a story with a child as a protagonist. But this film by Bong Joon Ho changed my mind. He succeeded to mix magical fantasy with political satire becoming a thriller for the little girl and her best friend.


When you thought you could never love a pig, an elephant or a hippopotamus, you may change your mind after watching this film. Bong Joon Ho found scenes right in the beginning that you fall in love with the little girl and his sweet, huge animal. The visual effects supervisor Erik-Jan De Boer, the Oscar-winning animator who crafted the tiger in “Life of Pi”, studied different animals to the bones in order to understand how they move, think and talk.


While the girl with her giant pig touches your heart you must laugh and cry about the head of the multinational and her animal animator and doctor. Bong Joon Ho succeeds in finding the way to mix comedy with political thriller, I rarely saw anywhere.


A part from “Okja” you can also watch our film “LOEV” on Netflix.





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