Let’s Make LOVE

Hello dear friends,


For a long time I haven’t written anything on my blog page. As Bombay Berlin Film Production, we were very much occupied with a shooting together with a Swedish producer last year. Bombay Berlin is growing at a steady pace, and India is still very interesting after 4 years, despite what you all read in the press. We are developing new feature film projects and also an animation series, which is very exciting.


Now we are in pre production of a wonderful feature film with Sudhanshu Saria. Our team is super excited about his work, himself and the story we are going to shoot.


To finance the gap, we have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo till the 10th of May 2014.


Please have a look at the link and support us. We would be very happy and see how you can get married with us ;)




By the way, in some older blogs I had written about my Indian-German business affairs. My book will be published in some time…

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