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The Road to Mandalay

In case you are the Munich International film festival, Bombay Berlin Film Productions would be happy, if you could join us and watch our co-production “The Road to Mandalay” by Midi Z produced by Patrick Mao Huang, Midi Z, Vincent Wang and BBFP at Filmfest München :

Samstag / Saturday 24th June 2017 at 22h00 in the cinema Münchner Freiheit

Mittwoch / Wednesday 28th June 2017 at 20h00 in the cinema Atelier 2



Rarely I saw such a memorable film I can’t forget, “Okja”. How often did I think that I am not interested in a story with a child as a protagonist. But this film by Bong Joon Ho changed my mind. He succeeded to mix magical fantasy with political satire becoming a thriller for the little girl and her best friend.


When you thought you could never love a pig, an elephant or a hippopotamus, you may change your mind after watching this film. Bong Joon Ho found scenes right in the beginning that you fall in love with the little girl and his sweet, huge animal. The visual effects supervisor Erik-Jan De Boer, the Oscar-winning animator who crafted the tiger in “Life of Pi”, studied different animals to the bones in order to understand how they move, think and talk.


While the girl with her giant pig touches your heart you must laugh and cry about the head of the multinational and her animal animator and doctor. Bong Joon Ho succeeds in finding the way to mix comedy with political thriller, I rarely saw anywhere.


A part from “Okja” you can also watch our film “LOEV” on Netflix.





LOEV in the air

We welcome you to our new movie releasing on May 1st 2017. After a long story of shooting in secret in India, going with the film through festivals, getting publicized in more than 100 newspapers and magazines, you can finally see the film LOEV whenever you like and in whatever country you want.


You get to know the story of a story, where nobody believed that this film would ever release and going to be seen. But never say never, you never know what may happen after 3-4 years. Society and business changes fast. Who would have thought that we will have a worldwide release of this wonderful film, called LOEV.


Worldwide you can watch LOEV on Netflix now.

The Road to Mandalay - a new coproduction

Welcome to Bombay Berlin Film Production. We are back with a new film, which was releasing at Venice Film Festival / Venice Days. “The Road to Mandalay” is directed by the Burmese director Midi Z, known for his feature film Ice Poison and other documentaries. We coproduced this film with Flash Forward Entertainment and Seashore Images in Taiwan, Montage Films in Myanmar and House of Fire in Paris. We are very proud of this wonderful piece of art, supported by the World Cinema Fund and Berlinale in Berlin. After we won the award at Venice the film had its North-America premier at the Toronto International Film Festival . Then it continued its travel around the world to Busan and Jio Mumbai Film Festival, Taipei and other festivals.


Meanwhile Bombay Berlin Film Productions was shooting a German Production for ARD/Degeto as line producer in Mumbai, developing content for the web and for sure new feature films and TV-series for the international market.


Our last in-house production “LOEV” directed by Sudhanshu Saria went successfully to many festivals such as South by South West in the beautiful city of Austin, Guadalajara in Mexico, Jeonju in South Korea and many others. We are happy that the world premier took place at Tallinn Black Nights. Estonia is a fascinating country with great people. It feels like home to us.


In nowadays tormented times of wars and endless crimes it is a great joy to watch movies in the cinemas in order to see and live another worlds. So come and enjoy movies like “Marry Me!” directed by Neelesha Barthel and produced by Wüste Film Ost.


Cannes 2015

Bombay Berlin Film Production is happy to announce that the feature film “Maunraag” will have a special screening at the Monaco Charity Film Festival in Mai 2015.

Further we will be in Cannes Marché du Film with our latest feature film project and two TV-Mini Series in development. In case you would like to meet us, we will be at the market from the 14th till the 20th of Mai 2015.

Our latest US-Indian co production “LOEV” by Sudhanshu Saria is in the final stage of post-production. The entire team of Bombay Berlin Film Production and Four Lines Film is very happy and proud about this upcoming film.

By the way have a look at the latest reportage Bombay Berlin Film Production has developed and produced for the German TV channel 3sat/ZDF about the urbanization policy of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Let’s Make LOVE

Hello dear friends,


For a long time I haven’t written anything on my blog page. As Bombay Berlin Film Production, we were very much occupied with a shooting together with a Swedish producer last year. Bombay Berlin is growing at a steady pace, and India is still very interesting after 4 years, despite what you all read in the press. We are developing new feature film projects and also an animation series, which is very exciting.


Now we are in pre production of a wonderful feature film with Sudhanshu Saria. Our team is super excited about his work, himself and the story we are going to shoot.


To finance the gap, we have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo till the 10th of May 2014.


Please have a look at the link and support us. We would be very happy and see how you can get married with us ;)


By the way, in some older blogs I had written about my Indian-German business affairs. My book will be published in some time…

Years are passing by

Markets are merging, cultures are coming closer and co productions are daily business. This year Bombay Berlin Film Productions had been invited to the co-production market in Colombia, South-America. It was a great discovery of the huge talent, Colombia has to offer, as well as to see what for beautiful locations and stories this country has to offer. Hopefully we will co produce with local producers and Proimagenes Colombia next year.


Apart from that Bombay Berlin Film Productions had been so busy with productions and the development of projects that I didn’t find time to write new posts about our company and the New Wave of Indian, as mentioned in other blog’s below.


Here are some news about our company:


Variety in February 2013


Screen International 2013


Pickle Magazine Cannes 2013


The Tribune, an English-Punjabi newspaper, 2013



Young Indian Cinema


On this blog I have written a lot about Indian film business and Bollywood. The new year I would like to start with a young production company: Bombay Berlin film productions. Two years ago Arfi Lamba and myself had the idea to found a film production, based in Mumbai and Berlin. Coming from two different continents, India and Europe, we wanted to bring Indian talent to Europe as well as European talent to India.


Arfi Lamba originally started as an actor in theater in Mumbai to become known through a smaller part in the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. This role opened him the doors to interesting offers in feature films and other film productions. Lately his love romance trailer to promote Berlin was screened before the film  “Don 2″ in India. This wonderful movie with Shah Rukh Khan has his German premiere on the Berlin film festival the 11th of February 2012. Please go and watch the movie in German cinemas, it is one of the biggest blog busters in India and abroad. It will be fun to watch.


Over the first year we mainly developed feature film projects as well as documentaries. Along the year we did a line production for ZDF and co-produced the wonderful and interesting short film of Alessandra Bergero “Emoticons”. Apart from these projects we took care of sales of the feature film documentary “Half a Billion Dreams”, I have written extensively about this wonderful film in the blog below.


Lately Ankur Singh joined Bombay Berlin film productions, he loves film production, coming from 3D production. He supported Bombay Berlin film and its team in the development of the Indian-German co-production of  “Between our Worlds” as well as other feature films. We are looking forward to develop and shoot many more projects in the near future.


Further we would like to announce the market screening of the feature film “Prasad” produced by Ashok Kheny at the 62nd Berlin Film Festival 2012. We take care of the promotion and market release in the cinema of the Martin Gropius Building in Berlin on the 15th of February at 16h30. You are welcome to join us !

Talking Indian movies - part 3

At first I would like to thank everybody for all the comments, which have been done on my various articles on this blog. Unfortunately I had no time to answer, because as a company we have so many projects going on that there is not much time left.

Indian cinema is definitely on the move. This year and last year more and more Indian films have been presented on International film festivals. Most of the Indian feature films don’t need the foreign market such as Europe, because inside India and its huge community abroad there are enough spectators to watch their movies.


As I mentioned already in an article below, “Peepli live” by Anusha Rizvi is one of the movies, which came out in the cinemas in England, the US, Germany and Poland. France will follow in 2011. In case you don’t live in one of these countries, you can watch the movie on DVD. Another movie release is awaited, the film “Dhobi Ghat” (Mumbai diaries) by Kiran Rao, also an Aamir Khan production. About him and his company I have already written.

“Dhobi Ghat” tells the story of 4 characters: Munna, the young dhobi, who dreams to become a star in Bollywood film. (Dhobi Ghats are places in India, where men are washing the laundry of people in their area.) Besides Munna, there is a painter, Arun, and Shai, a banker on a trip to India, who falls for the withdrawn Arun. Or does she fall for Munna, the simple dhobi and rat hunter? It is up to you to discover. Further there is Yasmin, a recently married girl, who is a mysterious woman, taken in a video. Arun and the spectator are fascinated by what happened in her life. All these different people meet and live in Mumbai. It is a poetic homage to Bombay in a European style. For me personally it is one of the best movies, I saw lately. Hopefully it comes to the cinemas in Europe!


For big dance scenes and bright colors you could watch the comedy “Golmaal 3″, directed by Rohit Shetty, one of the box office hits in India this year. I can’t say much about the movie, because you need to speak Hindi to understand the story and its humor. “Band Baaja Baaraat” by Maneesh Sharma is another comedy full of live, colors and dances, which takes place in New Delhi. Two students in college discover that they can make good money, organizing Indian marriages with 3000 to 20.000 people. Despite they are quite different, they fall in love with each other. But the young man doesn’t want to see, that he loves his colleague. Finally they dispute and separate their business, which goes down the drain for each of them. Sometimes at two you are more powerful and stronger than on your own, and everything can work much better. This comedy is based in daily life of India, making everything more colorful and happy, than reality would be. It is a classical Bollywood movie we may keep in our mind.


You could also watch “Kites” (director Anurag Basu), which didn’t work too well in the Indian cinemas. It is a high budget style movie with Hrithik Roshan. But when the spectator can’t feel with the protagonists and doesn’t understand, why these two people fall in love, then sometimes the limits of a spectator may be reached. On the contrary a movie, spectators loved a lot this year, was “Dabangg” by the young director Abhinav Kashyap with Salman Khan, one of the big stars in Indian cinema.


Interesting will be the reaction to the film “That girl in yellow boots”, directed by Anurag Kashyap, which was screened in Venice and Toronto film festival. You can discover a different daily life in a metropolis like Mumbai than you would think. As always the visuals and the mise-en-scène of Anurags’ film are exquisite and you can discover wonderful, new Indian actors. I already spoke about his former film “Dev D” and his production “Udaan”, screened in Cannes film festival this year.


A highly recommended film, but not much spoken about in India, was the Maharati movie “Vihir”. The director Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni tells the story of two cousins in a typical Indian village in Maharashtra. The younger boy admires the older one. One day the elder cousin dies and the 13 years old boy can’t understand, why the adults continue to live with his cousins’ death as if nothing has happened. He can’t live with this great loss and runs away from his parents. It takes him a long time to live with this destiny… Vihir /The well was invited at Berlin and Rotterdam International film festivals. Hopefully we can watch it soon in the cinemas in Europe!


(If you would like to read more about Indian cinema, please read further down::))


Urban Candy

7 years ago I produced a documentary in Zambia “Confused Marriage”, the story of a mixed African-German marriage in a little village in the African desert. (You can watch an excerpt on this site) At that time a young woman was jumping, laughing and singing around, Candy Hammerschmidt. Nobody saw her because she enjoyed the village life so much, where her mother originally came from. Candy and the entire team enjoyed the life in Chipata and didn’t want to go back to Berlin, where we came from.


3 years ago I wrote a blog down below on this site about a new Hip Hop group by Okan&Essa, whose music I enjoyed a lot. I made a film about them and how they mix African and Turkish rhythms with Hip Hop and Soul. They reminded me of the times, when I discovered Hip Hop in New York in 1982. At that time when I was a kid, this music expressed my spirit and way of living. Still later in the 90′ies I wrote a film script with Hip Hop music.


During the last years Candy did a lot of hard work. She took singing and acting classes; she was a great dancer by nature. Apart from starting an acting career in theater and film (Résiste - the revolt of trainees), Candy Hammerschmidt sang in various groups in different styles and worked together with her brothers Bryan and Barry. Bryan Hammerschmidt composes and writes music, makes music for films and videos as his brother Barry is in beat boxing. His music inspired us for a great scene in the above mentioned film “Résiste” by Jonas Grosch.


So from the little girl in the Zambian and Berlin desert, slowly a talented and creative singer emerged. During the years she developed her own style and aura, which is particular to her. She attained a foundation to become a singer and performer on an international level.


Yesterday we could watch Candy in the casting show X-Factor at Vox, where she presented a great performance together with her colleagues Roman Schwitalia and Marc Marcowski. They started not long ago as a group, created by Georges Glueck, a well-known and very interesting music producer, who created Falco, Sarah Connor and other stars for the European and international market. It must have been a tough work for all participants to get together as a group in such a short time. But it shows their talent and future.


You may watch and vote again for “Urban Candy” next week on Tuesday the 5th of October on Vox at 20h15. Have fun and enjoy!