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LOEV on Netflix

We are very happy to announce that our feature film LOEV got released worldwide exclusively in 180 countries on Netflix. Our director Sudhanshu Saria and our team are happy to receive any comments on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking forward to hear from you !

“An Indian-German Business Affair”

Impressions for a new project  -  part 2



Mumbai. Later in the afternoon I go along a street in Andheri and suddenly a huge class of 8 to 10 year old kids are sitting under a tree on a square doing their homework. A lady in a beautiful dark red-green sari smiles at me, by the way not many people smile in Mumbai in comparison to Goa where they smile all the time. She tells me that these are kids, whose parents can’t take care of them in the afternoon. So they do some work with them, homework, paintings, counting. I am really sorry that I can’t speak Hindi; I would have loved to tell them stories about Europe. But they can’t speak English and me… Can you imagine in Europe women taking care of 30 - 40 kids without being paid? No way. The kids were so happy seeing me, laughing, making fun and looking at my purple silk stockings and skirt. They were more open than the kids in the orphanage in Goa, about whom I wanted to make a film. But the kids in Goa got a very authoritarian education. So they were stiff, shy, behaving like in a military camp and scared about what they said, constantly looking to the owner of the orphanage, who made them do, what he wanted them to do. - Mumbai sweets sitting in the street, doing their homework, painting or calculating how many people may live in Mumbai?


Full moon in Mumbai - Following my way along little stores with fruits, vegetables and cloths, I arrive at a huge stable. Can you imagine cow stables in the middle of a city? I was excited. Big black, heavy cows eating their hay under a roof, looking at me. You could even buy fresh milk! The last time I drank fresh milk from a cow is 30 years ago or more. The cow stares at me, and a man refilling their hay, stares at me like I stare at him and the cows - Full moon in Mumbai - I continue my way along the little huts, where they repair cars, turn taxis upside down, sell you toilets, window glasses, cakes, jewelry or sugar cane juice, whose smell mixes with some incense sticks and lots of cars and taxis. I gave up smoking; with the car pollution I smoke two packets of cigarettes anyhow. One thing for sure, there should be more blondes walking along the streets of Mumbai, so they don’t stare at you anymore. For sure purple stockings and a skirt it’s not the best offer in between women in a burka. But what does it matter, the eyes tell anyhow the story of your life.


Full moon in Mumbai ends in discussions about and if a Christian woman may get married to a Muslim, if a Muslim may get married to a Hindu. It makes me sad how we have developed backwards again. In the 80′ies and 90′ies in Paris and Berlin there was a development to less question these questions anymore, even 200 years back my ancestors married in between different religions, in Berlin they had no choice anyhow. And now in modern times with cool products, stylized fashion models, exquisite cars, expensive exotic furniture, where globalization determines more your life then anybody else, they build up walls because of religion. I couldn’t believe. But I know it became a general problem, wherever you go, wherever you are. It gains too much power over the people, building up walls, where there shouldn’t be walls anymore - Full moon in Mumbai.