“Trijya” (Radius) by Akshay Indikar, co-produced with Chitrakathi Nirmiti, in post-production.


“The Road To Mandalay” directed by Midi Z, a co production with Montage Films /Myanmar, Seashore Images, Flash Forward Entertainment / Taiwan and House of Fire in Paris. Released in the cinemas worldwide 2016/2017.

“The Idiot” directed by Ruchi Joshi and Sriram Ganapathy, released at the Asian- American film festival in New York 2017 and the International Cairo film festival 2017, other festivals followed.


“LOEV” in co production with Sudhanshu Saria, Four Line Films, L.A. Worldwide released on Netflix exclusively in 180 countries in Mai 2017.

“Indien im Planungswirrwarr” reportage by Katharina Suckale for 3sat/ZDF Germany.

Consultant for Yash Raj Films, Avtar Singh Panesar, Vice President International Operations.


“Maunraag” (Monologue) co producer of Fact&Fiction Films, Pune, India. Mumbai International Film Festival 2013, Pune International Film Festival 2014.

I am here - feature film, Indian-US co production, written and directed by Sudhanshu Saria.

Dance to Dance 6 commercials for the agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky and the Swedish production house Heyitsenrico pallazzo, Jim Elfving.

Consultant for Yash Raj Films, Avtar Singh Panesar, Vice President International Operations.


  • Production of a 15 minute documentary Slums&Dreams for Galileo/Pro 7, Storyhouse Munich. Directed by Surya Balakrishnan, Mumbai.
  • Asmahan - Nothing left to lose, feature film, political drama, screenplay in English.
  • Consultant for Avtar Singh Panesar, Vice-President International Operations, Yash Raj Films.


  • Prague romantic psycho thriller, Executive Production for Glamourstruck Productions, Rohit Khaitan, shooting in Prague, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bombay Berlin Film Production.Release in the cinemas in India, September 2013
  • An Indian-German business affair (Between our worlds)  love story/ thriller, screenplay in English and German, presented at the bilateral forum in Mumbai, India, supported by Media International/NFDC and Primexchange.


  • Mo and Dilek comedy, screenplay in English and German, supported by Sources2/Media, Ziegler film production, Berlin
  • Italian Holidays Italian-German TV series together with Alessandra Bergero, Monna Productions, Cisano sul Neva, Italy.
  • Oriental dance play for the Madi Tent in Berlin, exposé
  • 2008
    • Men undercover concept for a TV-series (Kiezserie)
    • Tanz durch die Mitte / The dancing Manager comedy, screenplay
    • Jonas on the rocks  teenie comedy, exposé
    • Germany elects his SuperMan an internet-reality-show concept
  • 2007
    • The Paulis  English sitcom, co-writer Karen Joy Cifarelli
    • Thirty something comedy in Riga/Latvia, exposé
    • Elisabeth fantasy comedy, treatment
    • „Men in between dream and reality“ article for the B-east Magazine, 04/07,
      Vijay Maheshwari, editor in chief, Estonia.
  • 2006
    • Charlie oder das unbestimmte Schicksal einer Blondine /Charlie or the undefinite destiny of a blonde comedy for the TV channel SAT1, Kerstin Wiedé, writer for mediacontentfactory, co-writer Wolfgang Kirchner, 2003 – 2006
    • Unlucky Angels dance drama, screenplay in English with the support of John Truby, L.A.
  • 2005
    • In the rhythm of a city documentary, director /writer/ producer in co-production with mpool production Berlin/Istanbul. World sales: Euroarts Berlin /Ideale Audience Paris. Festivals: WOMEX /Scotland, Bollywood and beyond /Indian film festival Stuttgart, Doc-market Nyon /Switzerland. Taranaki Arts Festival, New Zealand, screenings in Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Kolkata, 2004 - 2006
    • “Le clap” article for the French Magazine of the CGT-Sntr at the Cannes filmfestival 2004, edition no. 5, p.3,
      and Cannes 2005, edition no. 8, p.10 / 2007.
  • 2004
    • Emoticons short film, associate producer, director: Alessandra Bergero, Monna Productions, Cisano sul Neva, Italy
  • 2003
    • Confused Marriage documentary, director /writer/ producer, co-producer mpool production Berlin/Istanbul, 2003 - 2004
    • Im Namen des Gesetzes exposés for a TV-crimes series of RTL, Opal Media GmbH, Ulrich Weis, producer
  • 2001
    • Entweder oder sowohl als auch short film, director /actor /co-producer, Goebel film production, Heidelberg
    • Hello and good-bye by Athol Fugard, rewriting /dramaturgy, director: Yüksel Yolcu, Tiyatrom - Turkish theater in Berlin
  • 2000
    • Summer in Berlin short film, director /producer /writer, Berlin
    • Das Lied von der Perle /The song of the pearls drama in the Berlin-Wedding HipHop milieu, treatment
  • 1999
    • Wir wollen keine Schokolade sondern einen Mann /We want no chocolate but a man treatment of a comedy
    • 3 nanas + 1 colocataire /Three chicks and a co-tenant concept of a weekly series for the French TV channel Canal+ Paris
  • 1998
    • Ein lausiger Montag /A lousy Monday comedy, screenplay
    • Seenot in Marzahn /distress in Marzahn surreal comedy, screenplay (40´)
  • 1996
    • Only 4 minutes short, screenplay /director /production, Tag Traum Filmproduction Berlin
    • Sanssouci surreal drama, short film
  • 1990
    • “The wish for freedom - art and economy in Canada article for the Magazine Filmfaust no. 80-81, Feb. 1991, p. 28-44
    • Hypocrite in Toronto experimental film, camera, idea and production, CEBRA film production, Munich /Toronto, Canada
  • 1989
    • Transit experimental film, idea /camera /production, Berlin /Toronto (screened on the exposition of the Deutsche Kinematek (Filmmuseum in Berlin) about “20 years of the falling of the wall”)
    • Une visite dans le Louvre, experimental film, idea /camera /editing, Ex Nihilo film production Paris