2018 / 2019

“Trijya” (Radius) by Akshay Indikar in co-production with Chitrakahti Nirmiti.

2016 / 2017

“The Road To Mandalay” co-producer with Montage Films /Myanmar, Flash Forward Entertainment, Sea Shore Images /Taiwan and House on Fire in Paris.

2014 / 2017

  • “LOEV” Producer of an US-Indian co production between BBFP and Four Line Films, L.A.
  • “Indien im Planungswirrwarr” reportage written and directed by Katharina Suckale for 3sat/ZDF, line produced by Bombay Berlin Film Production in Mumbai.
  • Consultant for Avtar Singh Panesar, Vice-President International Operations, YASH RAJ Films.

2013 / 2014

  • Co producer of Fact & Fiction Films Pune, India for the feature film of Vaibhav Abhnave’s “Maunraag” (Monologue).
  • Promotion/Marketing of the film “Ishq Actually” at the EFM on the Berlin film festival, produced by Blue Throat Entertainment.
  • Promotion/Marketing for Susi Ganesh film production in Cannes film festival for their Bollywood film “Shortcut Romeo”
  • Production of six commercials “Dance to Dance” for Crispin Porter + Bogusky Sweden.
  • Consultant for Avtar Singh Panesar, Vice-President International Operations, Yash Raj Films.


  • Promotion/Marketing of the film “Prasaad” at the EFM on the Berlin film festival, produced by AKK Entertainment, Ashok Kheny.
  • Production of a 15 minute documentary “Slums&Dreams” for Galileo/Pro 7, Storyhouse Munich. Directed by Surya Balakrishnan, Mumbai.
  • Consultant for Avtar Singh Panesar, Vice-President International Operations, Yash Raj Films.

2010 / 2011

  • Foundation of Bombay Berlin Film Productions LLP together with Arfi Lamba and Abhijeet Singh Baghel, based in Mumbai, India.
  • Producer in Berlin for WestEastFilms, Pierre Assouline, based in Mumbai.
  • Lecture of multicultural management in film business at the Mumbai business school.


  •  Production consultant for the feature film “Upgrade” (Surclassé),  a French/German co-production of Wüste Film Hamburg, Ralph Schwingel.
  •  Project manager for Primexchange - India/Europe, Frank Stehling, Primehouse GmbH Berlin.

2008 - 1996

  • 1. Assistant director
  • Résiste - Revolt of the trainees feature film, director: Jonas Grosch, Till Schmerbeck Filmproduction and Buntfilm Berlin
  • Holt Bubinsky! TV-pilot, director: Leander Haußmann, Nostro Film Berlin
  • Soko Wismar TV, director: Axel Bock, Cincentrum Berlin
  • Stubbe TV, director: Peter Kahane, Polyphon Hamburg
  • St. Angela TV-series (weekly), director: Axel Bock, Rhinestone TV Hamburg
  • Heidi M. feature film, director: Michael Klier, X-Filme creative pool
  • Christmas feature film, director: Miko Zeuschner, camera: Raoul Coutard, Lisbone, Portugal, Jan Brandt Hamburg
  • Der letzte Walzer der Indios TV, director: Alejandro Quintana, Tara Film Berlin
  • Küstenwache TV-series, director: Elmar Gehlen, Opal Film Berlin
  • Mama ist unmöglich TV-series, director: Peter Hill, Provobis Film Berlin
  • Roy´s Welten (Kismet) feature, director: Buket Alakus, Hamburger Filmwerkstatt
  • 1996 - 1990
    • 1. Assistant director in commercial and short film
      • Hundsgemein short, director: Nils Willbrandt, Hamburger Filmwerkstatt
      • Alltag short, director: Neco Celik, Hope&Glory Produktion Berlin
      • Falco - Egoist music-clip, director: Markus Engel, DoRo Film Berlin
      • Fregatte industrial, director: Gonrand de Bruycker, Markenfilm Hamburg
      • Allein auf dem Mars short, director: Nils Willbrandt, Hamburger Filmwerkstatt
      • Blindmanblues short, director: Andrea Katzenberger, Hamburger Filmwerkstatt
      • Grüße aus der grünen Wüste short, director: Holger Borggrefe, Hamburger Filmwerkstatt
      • Angst short director: Marc Schölermann, Widescreen Produktion
    • directors in commercial production: Thomas Wommelsdorf, Flip van Vliet, Walter Brandau, Sebastian Cramer, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, Jean-Pierre Philippot
  • 1995 - 1992
    • Script supervisor
      • Die Spur der roten Fässer feature, director: Kai Wessel, Ottokar Runze Production Berlin
      • Echt Harder TV-series, director: Wolfgang F. Henschel, Objectiv Film Hamburg
      • Sonntag & Partner TV-series, director: Gabi Kubach, Objectiv Film Hamburg
      • Um jeden Preis TV, director: Kai Wessel, Fritz Wagner Film Berlin
      • Auf Anruf Lohbeck TV-series, director: Pete Ariel, Ufa - Universum Film Cologne
      • Das Bandoneon children film, director: Alejandro Quintana, Tara Film Berlin
      • Mein Freund, der Wasserbüffel children film, director: Dung Phan Anh, Tara Film Berlin
      • Wut im Bauch TV, director: Yasemin Akay, Birne Film Berlin
      • Die Menschen sind wie Wölfe TV, director: Andreas Christoph Schmidt, Zero Film Berlin
  • 1992
    • Location and unit manager
      • Clara hat zwei Länder children film, director: Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Birne Film Berlin
      • Brüderchen und Schwesterchen TV, director: Rainer Simon, Allianz Filmproduktion, Berlin
  • 1991
    • Set manager
      • Der Fahnder TV-series, director: Bernd Schadewald, Bavaria Film München
      • Softwar TV, director: Michel Lang, André Libik München / Télécipproduction, Paris
      • Grönlinger Präsentation industrial, Bavaria Film München
  • 1989 - 1990
    • One year in Toronto, Canada
      • Production assistant at Triune Productions Inc. for Robert Campbell and Michael Witta, TV-series and industrial. Preparation of a Russian-German-Canadian co-production with Lenfilms, St. Petersburg.
  • 1989 - 1986
    • Three years in Paris, France
      • assistant in distribution of Fabienne Vonier and Alexandre Heylen (international distribution), MK2 - Marin Karmitz
      • Trainee in the sound and video department at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d´Art Dramatique
      • Video technique, directing and editing at the École Nationale Louis Lumière